About HSHS

The Hope and Sunrise Historical Society was founded in 1971. Thanks to the efforts of the energetic, young society, the Hope Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. After much fundraising, the Hope and Sunrise Historical and Mining Museum was opened in 1994. Soon, three gold mine buildings and an early U. S. Forest Service building were moved to the museum grounds. Hope's oldest schoolhouse was donated to HSHS and restored on the museum grounds. A Quonset hut and second Forest Service guard station was added to the museum grounds. The society was instrumental in seeing a Sunrise memoir published and the Sunrise cemetery mapped and rehabilitated. The Sunrise City Historic Archaeological District earned National Register of Historic Places status in 1997. An archive is maintained at the museum, local history books are promoted, Turnagain Arm Gold Rush descendents are assisted, newsletters are produced, and programs on local history are presented every year.

The Society is a member of the Kenai Peninsula Historical Association, the Alaska Historical Society, the Alaska Association for Historic Preservation, and Museums Alaska.

One need not be a Hope resident to be a member of the Hope and Sunrise Historical Society. Membership dues is only $10/year or $100/life. Dues and donations enable the organization to fund its projects. To join, mail a check to: HSHS, P. O. Box 88, Hope, Alaska 99605

The Society created and operates the Museum largely by volunteer effort. Volunteers who make long-term commitments are essential, but one-time work party volunteers are always sought. We thank you in advance for offering to help us meet our mission.

Our Award-winning Volunteers:

    • Ann Miller received Alaska's First Lady's Volunteer Award, for service to your community and Alaska, from First Lady Susan Knowles, 1996.

    • Dr. Chelton Feeny received the Museum Alaska's Volunteer of the Year Award, 2005.

    • Diane Olthuis received the Alaska Historical Society's Contributions to Alaska History Award, 2022.

Volunteers Restore

1917 Gold Mine Bunkhouse

on Museum Grounds, 2002

L to R: Todd Bureau, Liam Bureau, Eugene Singer, Gene Singer,

Beth Singer, Dr. Rolfe Buzzell, Diane Olthuis, and Jon Gantenbein

Volunteers at Hope Social Hall Archaeological Test Site, 2011

Volunteers Moving

1942 Quonset Hut

to Museum Grounds, 2016